I started blogging around 5 years ago and it is something which ever since, has given me a great sense of freedom and a hobby which I have absolutely fallen in love with. I was inspired to blog by friends of mine such as Ines Cano Uribe who had been running a successful blog for some time. I started doff slow and there were many things that I did not completely understand, thankfully I have brushed up on my knowledge and I am now an avid blogger who loves what he does.

I you haven’t thought about blogging before, here is just why I love it and why you should give it a try.


The biggest thing that I love about blogging is the creative outlet that it gives me. I write about a wide range of subjects and no matter how I am feeling or what I am thinking, I can always turn to my blog and write about what is going on. The only rules when blogging bout something is that you stay within the confines of the law and assuming that you are doing that, you will have absolute freedom to write about whatever topic that you wish to, in whichever way that you like.


I have made some fantastic friends through my blog and thanks to the many followers that I have, there is now a real community that surrounds the topics that I talk about. I love the fact that my thoughts, passions and musings are what has brought many like-minded people together and it is this that keeps me inspired to keep on writing each day. Think about how many blogs and websites you view each day, imagine if that was your very own and there were people just like you, spending their time looking at your website, a special feeling indeed.


The running of the blog alone is a hobby which I really love and it is more than just writing content which you need to do when you run a blog. I spend many hours writing content but also spend a great deal of time engaging with people both through my blog and on social media. I am constantly striving to improve my blog and getting out there to many more people and I really love the chase of all this. If you enjoy writing then blogging is a great way for you to express yourself and turn your hobby into something real.

Free Goodies

Something that has started to happen quite recently on my blog is that I have been receiving free goods from companies who have asked me to review them. This is because of the following and trust that I have built up and I must admit, it is pretty flattering to think that these companies may want me review their products for my audience. I didn’t set out for free goodies when I began blogging but I most certainly would not say no to a freebie or two every now and again!

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