Your staff is your business most valuable asset. Unfortunately, they are also your greatest threat and weakest link in terms of data security. This is why you need to have people centric security in place. Hackers and other cybercriminals now find avoiding a firewall a piece of cake, and encryption may as well not be there. This means that you simply cannot expect your staff to properly protect your system information and files either. After all, they are not security or even IT experts. As a result, the chance of a data breach occurring is greatly increased.

The Importance of People Centric Security

It is very important that all your employees are at least aware of the protocols relating to data security, or even a tiny mistake could cost you greatly. For instance, your employees should know how to recognize phishing emails, as these are clever tricks in which people are encouraged to reveal their personal information or that of their business. These types of emails continue to be very popular, because hackers know that it takes just one person to make a little mistake for the floodgates to be opened. Once this happens, they can literally take over the account of your employee and pretend to be them.

This is why it is so important that your security focuses less on your computers and more on your people. A single piece of human error will give hackers the opportunity to get in. Human error is the biggest data security risk, and one against very little can be done. The added difficulty is that it usually isn’t clear that a breach has occurred, until details are made public. At the same time, however, you must not forget the importance of computer security as well, ensuring that you have more than a simple password in place to stop hackers from getting in.

You must educate your staff by holding regular conversations on the importance of security and how they can help keep files secure. Furthermore, you should put verification in place to make sure that suspicious emails are removed straight away. Any employee who has a customer-facing role is most likely to be affected by phishing in particular, because it is their job to open emails from strangers. This is why it is so important that you have policies and procedures in place that make it clear your employees should never reveal details about themselves or their organization, ad that they should report any suspicious email straight away so that future emails can be avoided.

Unfortunately, security is a cat and mouse game, with every new tool that is developed to thwart hackers turning into a game for them to break through. Like a game of Stratego, it is unlikely that it will end any time soon, but it must continue regardless. You also must use all the tools in your arsenal, which includes physical security systems, but also educating your people, thereby making sure they know what to do in order to stay safe.

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