Leading a group of winner takes a leader with winning qualities. Those who have a tradition of winning want to know that the person giving orders have a tradition like business executive Larry Polhill who understands winning and knows how to get to a win on a regular and consistent basis. So for those who find themselves leading a winning team, there is a list of qualities that needs to be exhibited. Here they are:


There is no doubt that some people want to only hear the good news and there are also people who only want to deliver good news, but the reality is that winning teams demand to hear all the news good and bad. So a leader of winners must be forthright about where things stand and deliver this information in a way that everyone is clear about the situation. It is true that n life there are often times when you can describe a situation in many different ways and sometimes wheat looks like a win or loss can flip unexpectedly, but when you have developed a reputation for honesty, these turns do not affect your status as a leader, the teams know it is just circumstances. When you have honesty as a care operating philosophy, you can demand that everyone get on board and at that point the entire team knows where everything and everyone stands all the time. This is a winning scenario because it allows you to only focus on executing the goals.


A real leader is totally committed to the agendas set for the team and is prepared to weather this commitment through all and any hardships that arise on the way to the team reaching its goals. There will be unforeseen challenges that test even the most physical and mentally strong individuals and great leaders use these times to bear down and push even harder. Leadership like this is for the strong-willed and determined and any other approach will just not cut it. A winning team will recognize if a leader is not committed and they will lose their commitment as a result No one wants to put it all on the line if the deader is not doing the same. Conversely if the leader is fully committed to the goals of the team, the team members will rally behind the leader and use his or her commitment as the rationale for committing unreservedly. When you see a team perform superhuman feats it is based on the commitment that each member has to that team and it always starts with the leader’s commitment. A committed leader creates trust throughout the team and a firm foundation for the team to always advance forward.


Every winning leader will tell you that it is the small things, or the minute details that often make the difference between winning and losing.  When in a competition, the difference between teams is often negligible on paper so a team needs every edge. That edge can come by focusing on the small things that most teams simply do not see as important. This could be anything from having your basketball team take extra foul shot practice to having you debate team make sure that everyone has two sets of notes in case one gets lost. When a leader emphasizes being meticulous, it spreads and permeates the team’s culture and again sets a winning philosophy.

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