A lot of people hear of a spiritual medium and instantly think of con-artists and hocus pocus. However, according to Tom Colton, that is incredibly far from the truth. Spiritual mediums are genuine individuals who are able to communicate with those in the spirit world. Most were born with that ability, although it is also possible to learn how to become open to the messages. All mediums also work very hard to improve their skills, working together with other mediums in a development circle and becoming trained in mediumship.

Tom Colton on What a Spiritual Medium Is

Spiritual mediums are interpreters or vessels for spirits. They allow the spirit realm to communicate with that of the living. The medium is the physical body that lives on the earth plane, and the spirit is a discarnate who no longer has a physical body. Mediums pick up the vibrations emanating from the spirit world, which allows them to communicate with the discarnate spirits. Those include guides and angels.

Mediums, meanwhile, can be either mental or physical. Physical mediumship has come under a lot of criticism because it is too easy to fake. It involves using raps for yes or no questions, levitations, materializations of parts of the body, ectoplasm, direct voices, and moving objects. Because of Hollywood movies in particular, people have lost faith in physical mediumship, which means it is now avoided.

Mental mediumship, on the other hand, happens within the consciousness of the medium and is now the most popular method to be used. There are three kinds of mental mediums:

  1. The clairvoyants, who engage in clear seeing. This means the medium visualizes animals, people, or other images that relate, often in a symbolic manner, to the life of the spirit.
  2. The clairsentients, who engage in clear seeing. This means the medium senses a spirit being near by feeling them touch, smelling a fragrance, or noticing a personality.
  3. The clairaudients, who engage in clear hearing. This means the medium is able to hear the voices of the spirit.

It is possible for a medium to receive messages from the spirits of deceased loved ones. Mediums believe this to be proof of life after death, although there continues to be lack of agreement on what this life is. Some believe spirits can eventually move over to heaven, others believe in reincarnation, others still believe that the spirit will forever remain present. Good mediums, however, will never give an individual false hope. They can not guarantee that a certain loved one will come through, for instance. Additionally, they will always ensure that they provide some sort of evidence that they are truly speaking to the spirit of a specific individual rather than just guessing.

Ultimately, mediumship is about bringing people happiness and solace and helping them to cope with grief while also finding guidance for making important life decisions. According to Tom Colton, this is not something to be criticized but rather something to be celebrated.

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