Getting engaged to the person you love might be the happiest time in your life. You always wanted to settle down, but you worried at some point that it wouldn’t happen. Now, it’s a reality, and it’s only a matter of time. However, before you get too excited, you need to understand that the engagement isn’t only a preparation for the big wedding day. It’s also a preparation for your life as a married couple. The primary reason why you have to get engaged first is that you want to get to know each other deeply and sort of practice how it is to be a married couple.

Some people decide to end their relationship at this stage after realizing they dislike each other. There’s no shame if it happens. You would rather end the relationship now than wait until you already have a family before doing so.

Another thing to remember is that there’s no need to set a timeline between the engagement and the wedding. You can always wait until you have enough time to prepare for the wedding before doing it. Don’t worry about your guests or what other people have to say. You might have friends who will tease you and say that your wedding will never happen because it’s been so long since your engagement. Ignore those comments and work on what matters most – preparing for married life.

You want only the best

Another reason why you have to take your time is that you want everything to look perfect. From the wedding cake to the venue decoration, you need everything to go as planned. You also want to hire the best Omaha photographers. If they can’t make it on short notice, it might be a problem. You want experts capturing every special moment during the wedding. A rushed wedding could be terrible, so you need to take your time.

You still don’t know your partner well

You want to spend more time together. You will learn about the other qualities your partner has. The problem when you’re still in a pre-engagement relationship is that you tend to put your best foot forward to impress each other. It’s only at this stage when you start to see the darker side of your partner. If you think you can’t accept them, you might not proceed with the wedding plans anymore.

It’s a mutual decision

Every detail of the wedding needs to be a decision you and your partner make. It’s also a terrific way of determining if your partner is engaged with the wedding plans. It’s not a good sign if you see your partner looking disinterested in the wedding. If it’s already a problem now, it could get worse in the future. Hopefully, things will work out according to your plan. If not, you can always move the wedding to another date until you find the perfect time when both of you feel comfortable with tying the knot.


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