I was speaking with digital marketing professional Joseph Cianciotto last week about the benefits that a digital marketing strategy has on business and how many different people who do actually invest in digital marketing, fail to come up with a successful strategy.

In order to run a successful digital marketing strategy, you need to ensure that you are spreading your efforts across many different mediums. Different methods of marketing will have varying results and the best way to ensure success is to cover all bases. If you are interested in a digital marketing strategy, here are the components which you need in order to make it a success.


Search engine optimisation is a great way to help clients find you when they are searching for a product or service like the one which you are offering. This technique manipulates the search engines so that your company will appear on the first 2 pages of search engine results when a customer searches for keywords which are relevant to your business. The reason this is important is because nobody looks past page 2 of search results and featuring here makes sure that everyone sees you business.

Social Media Marketing

Tapping in to the millions of people using social media every day is the perfect way of promoting your business or your products. As long as you can be creative and put something together that adds value and promotes you, you can gain access to hundreds of thousands of targeted customers and introduce them to your business and your brand.

Relationship Marketing

There is so much competition across many industries at the moment, especially sales, and customers can find it hard where to place their loyalty. In order to ensure that they place this loyalty with you, you ought to employ relationship marketing. This strategy is about connecting on a  human level with existing and potential customers so that you can gain their trust, it is important not to sell to them until you have them firmly on the hook. If you can gain a client’s trust and then sell them something great, you could have a customer for life.

Promotional Marketing

Promotional marketing is about offering new clients a great discount on on of your products in the hope that they will be so blown away that they will keep coming back for more business. The popularity of coupon websites in recent years and risen sharply and that means that this is a great place for you to offer a great promotion on your products and services. Whilst this may cost you a small amount of money in terms of losing some profit, it could prove to be a great start on your path to gaining new clients and customers. Each happy customer that you have could come back for more and they could also tell their friends about you, all of which can help you to boost how many people come through the doors of your business.

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