It’s not a new fact; obesity levels aren’t declining in the slightest. On the contrary, we’re used to reading report after report based on how more and more people are being diagnosed with the problem – despite so many initiatives attempting to turn the situation around.

The above has meant a surge in admissions to the likes of Sono Bello, as people look to take advantage of surgical procedures such as laser liposuction in a bid to reverse their fortunes.

However, sometimes it’s just a case of looking closer to home in a bid to stop the rot. We have found some of the most common bad habits which are behind obesity – and documented them below.

Reason #1 – Eating out too often

Sure, “healthy” restaurants are becoming slightly more common. However, if you were to cast your eye over the vast majority of menus you would soon see that the majority are far from nutritionally beneficial. Restaurants are primarily judged on their taste and unfortunately, as unfair as it is, most taste doesn’t come in healthy-form.

As well as the above, portion sizes are hardly manageable. Many are huge – for the same reason as we’ve just documented.

Therefore, anyone who eats out frequently is asking for trouble. Restaurants aren’t in business to make us healthy, they exist to turn a profit. This profit tends to come through taste.

Reason #2 – Eating too fast

Another common reason is people eating too fast. Even if you are absolutely ravenous, opting to eat in record speeds is once again asking for trouble. Your brain won’t have chance to register the food that has just entered your body, and you’ll be reaching for a second serving in no time.

By eating slower, you will start to feel the “full” sensation and naturally be much less likely to go for that second helping.

Reason #3 – Skipping breakfast

The concept of skipping breakfast might appear to be ingenious based on the fact that you are limiting your calories.

However, countless studies have revealed why the saying of “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is absolutely true. Firstly, your metabolism is going to slow down to ridiculous levels as your body will feel as though it’s starving. Not only this, but immense hunger will hit you through the course of the day and you are much more likely to eat as a result of this.

Reason #4 – Too many quick fixes

Unfortunately, the weight loss industry is exceptionally lucrative. There are so many people attempting to shed the pounds, that the market is massive. The result of this is that so many fad diets are brought out, along with diet pills that just don’t work.

There’s only one way to lose weight – and it’s the hard way. There are no easy journeys and if you are constantly switching between these supposedly simple methods, you are just asking to be disappointed.

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