This is the start of the New Year and for a whole lot of people; this is the best time to make some solid New Year resolutions. Some promises like getting in perfect shape, both physically and financially can be some of the toughest resolutions to keep, but there are plenty of other resolutions that are much easier to manage. According to a recent survey, the most popular form of resolution that people take during each New Year is to get back a firm grip on their finances and bid goodbye to debts once and for all. Ironically, this is also the most famous resolution that people forget soon after a month or two.

However, with the blessing of technological advancement, managing our finances is now becoming handy enough. As 90% of the present generation is using smartphones, they’re able to get access to some of the best Android apps that can allow you to track your expenses, pay your bills on time and stay away from high interest debt. There’s a rather new side to managing money with the invention and popularity of smartphones. The concerns of this article will deal with some of the best smartphone apps that will cater to better financial management for the mobile users.

A sneak peek into the best personal finance apps

You must be aware of the fact that your best financial decisions and activities, spending, saving, budgeting, investing and planning for your retirement affect your financial health both in the present and in the future. Previously, this seemed to be a Herculean task which was challenging enough at the same time. But nowadays, the mobile apps can make such financial chores easier. Have a look at some of the best apps that you can install in your smartphone and forget about worrying about your finances.

  1. BillGuard: This particular app is available for both the iOS and the Android platform and you can get it free of cost. BillGuard is a personal finance security app that helps you track your expenses and protect your credit cards from any kind of errors and fraud. You can promptly view the recurring charges and balances across all your debit cards and credit cards. This app will immediately send you an alert or a warning signal if there is a suspicious charge which is posted to your account. You can even report this charge and contact your merchant company.
  2. Level Money: This is yet another app that is available for both iOS and Android platforms and you get it free of cost. If you wish to simply track your budget, you can check out this app, which is a low-frills budget tool that syncs with all your credit card and bank accounts in order to demonstrate how much money you can afford to spend today, this week and in the entire month. Level Money also estimates your income, identifies your bill expenses and also asks you to set a percentage of income.
  3. Mint: Mint is a powerful budgeting app that allows you to track your monthly bills, spending and income. One of the most sought-after features of Mint is that it pulls out all your financial information and displays it all under one single account. If you’re somebody who handles multiple accounts will all your money, this can be helpful as this updates automatically. Hence, you won’t need to manage a checkbook or several different sites.
  4. Check: Through Check, you can track your monthly financial bills, monitor your bank accounts and your credit card accounts. All your due dates, bills and other details of all accounts will be displayed in a centralized place. This app also sends you reminders when bills are due and alerts you when funds are low and when credit limits are near. You can systematically schedule your bill payments so that you don’t miss them.
  5. Personal Capital: This is available in both iOS and Android platforms and you get it free of cost. Personal Capital is yet another award-winning app which offers easy-to-understand charts and graphs for your income, expenses and investment performance that will help you monitor your finances. Track your investment by account, asset class and monitor how your portfolio compares to some other major financial indices. A 401(k) fee analyzer and mutual fund fee calculator will also tell you in case you’re paying too much money in fees.

So, gone are the days of high interest debt, taking out debt consolidation loans and negotiating with your creditors. When you can manage your money by installing some of the best financial apps that you have in your smartphone, why would you take the risk of falling in debt? Try installing any of the above mentioned free apps in your Android smartphone or iPhone.

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