If you like to smoke in a glass pipe, you will be happy to know that there are lots of beautiful designs available. Some of those designs are abstract works of art, but others have a lot of symbolism to them as well. A good example of the latter is the sunflower glass pipe. Sunflowers have played a symbolic role in various ancient cultures and belief systems and continue to be a sign of childhood and joyfulness today.

The Symbolism of the Sunflower Glass Pipe

The sunflower is a flower that truly lifts the spirit. It has bright yellow petals, from which it gets its name as those petals look like the rays of the sun. There are also many varieties of sunflowers, with their main difference being in the size of the stem and flower. However, there are even red sunflowers, although they are rarer.

The symbolic meaning of sunflower is loyalty, adoration, and longevity. They mirror the sun and have therefore had an important religious attribute as well. Additionally, they stand for happiness, as it is undeniable that just seeing these flowers makes us feel good.

Historically, the sunflower stems from the American continents, where they were first cultivated around 1,000 BC. The main reason for their cultivation was their seeds, which we still eat today. When Christopher Columbus “discovered” America, the flower also made its way over to the European continent, where it quickly become a firm favorite, particularly among artists. Van Gogh’s depiction of The Sunflowers, for instance, is known all over the world and the painting was once the most expensive ever sold at auction.

Sunflowers in the wild capture our imagination. They are incredibly beautiful to photograph, as their heads all turn in the same collective direction: that of the sun. Their long stalks seem to stretch endlessly in an effort to reach the sun and their bright petals light up the earth. The fact that they turn towards the sun is known as “phototropism”, something that has been depicted by artists for thousands of years.

The sunflower is perhaps the most recognized flower in the world. It is a charming, fun, happy, free flower that makes people feel delightful and joyful. Not just that, the sunflower continues to be incredibly important in the food chain, with many of us cooking in sunflower oil and enjoy the seeds. It is even believed the oil has some medicinal purposes when applied topically. But mainly, however, the flower is symbolic for happiness and warmth.

The next time you use your sunflower glass bong, therefore, you will be able to enjoy the happiness and warmth it gives you even more. There truly could not be a better plant description on one of these pipes, which is far more original than the standard marijuana leaf that is seen on so many other products. The brightness of the sunflower against the clear glass of the pipe will make you feel as if you are sitting outside on a hot summer’s day.

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