Though not all golf courses require golfers to reserve tee times it is usually treated as critical to the game and running a golf course, effectively.

A “tee time” simply refers to a reservation at a golf course. Typically, you book a tee time if you want to begin your session at a golf course at a specific time. This way, if the tee time is set at 11.30 a.m. then you or a player from your group must hit the first tee shot of the round at exactly 11.30 a.m.

Far from what many think, the term “tee shot” comes from the fact that the shot is taken from within the teeing ground and not because the ball has to be placed on the tee before striking.

A number of golf courses use tee times, some aren’t quite strict on tee times, and a few don’t use tee times at all. That’s why it’s important to inquire about the tee time policy when you’re going to play on a golf course that you’ve never been to before.

Finding the Cheapest Tee Times
Tee times are put in place to help golf course management organize the golf course. They’re also useful in maintaining a good flow of players on the course.

For golfers, getting the best golf time at a cheap price is invaluable. You should start by knowing when the best tee times are. This you can do by striking the perfect balance between weather and temperature while avoiding crowds.

Deals and Discounts
If you’re a student enrolled in a Sports Management degree program or other curriculum, some golf courses offer student and faculty rates that are much lower than regular green fees. Daily deal sites also tend to send out golf package deals at considerable discounts during off season and non-peak hours.

Consider Your Residence and Season of the Year
The most important thing to consider is which part of the country you come from. Towns that heat up considerably during the summer will often have reduced prices during these times. Not so many people want to golf in the scorching sun. So, if you live in Scottsdale, Arizona and areas in the southwest of the U.S. the heated summer is always a good time to save some money. But bring plenty of fluids.

Call as Far in Advance as You Can
Remember there are hundreds or even a few thousand golfers calling to book a tee time. Moreover, every golfer wants the best time at a discounted price. With competition for the few hours of the day, you need to call very early in advance if you’re to get a great deal.

Book Tee Times From a Golfing Website
GolfNow in particular is a very reliable golfing website. They provide golfers with valuable tips and even help you find the best golf courses near you. Above all, you can expect better rates if you book with them. Caddy Bytes is another website to visit for tips on finding cheap tee times in the southwest states (including Arizona, Texas, Nevada, and Utah).

Consider Becoming a Member of the Golf Club
Some golf clubs give members a chance to choose their preferred tee times. You might have higher upfront costs but if you’ve tried the course out a few times, and you like and you know they change things around somewhat regularly, it’s a good way to save money and really learn about a course and how it plays.

There are several other ways of getting cheap tee time rates as long as you’re keen enough. For example, you can offer to work part-time at a golf resort for the employee discount and they’ll be happy to see you out on the course, as well.

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