Nowadays, there are transport service companies in literally every single country of the world. In fact, there are so many services offered that it can be quite confusing to know what to choose. One of those services that are often misunderstood is road freight. Even if these are common, few people understand that they are highly advantageous in various cases. According to Umberto de Pretto, road freight still stands out as one of the most useful ways to transport products because of the following advantages.


This is a huge advantage of road freight that attracts many companies to choose road freight. Parcels and goods can be delivered at specific convenience points. Roads are practically everywhere these days, even in really remote villages. It does not matter if roads respect high build standards or not. When compared with other freight options like rail or air, road freight practically gets the goods to the exact place where they are needed. Even when opting for ocean freight or air freight transportation, road delivery will most likely still be necessary.


Delivery speed is another great advantage of road freight transport, one that allows scheduling delivery based on personal convenience. Transit time will mostly be lost in border transit but this does not really have to be a problem with road transportation. Road freight is oftentimes much shorter than with other methods because of the numerous protocols that have to be respected. Basically, whenever freight has to be transported for a shorter distance, you seriously have to consider road as being one of the very best ways to do so.

Cheaper Transportation

Freight rates will always differ from one transport method to the next. In most situations we see that road freight is much cheaper than air freight. Even so, there are special considerations that need to be considered. For instance, if products would be transported through high crime or war zones, you will need extra insurance, which might make prices way too high. When road freight is a highly risky option, something else should be considered. However, if there is no real risk, prices paid for road transport tend to be lower than most alternatives.

Great Customer Service

Technology advanced and now, mainly because of the evolution of GPS, customers can easily rely on road freight transport to receive what they ordered exactly when the delivery date was set. This is very important in many different industries where organization needs to be spotless. For instance, when delivering groceries from one city to the next, everything needs to be delivered at the right time or groceries can become spoilt.

Final Thoughts

Road freight is still the backbone of the transportation industry, no matter how advantageous some other options may be in specific situations. We cannot build a proper delivery plan without incorporating road transportation in the mix. Fortunately, prices are better than ever and technology advanced to the point at which safety is very high. This is, indeed, great for the entire transportation industry.

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