My best friend Michelle Marquez is truly my inspiration, we have been friends since a young age and I have watched her grow into an amazing woman and a great professional. We work in very different fields these days, I am a writer and she works with a law group that looks after aspects of the stock market, including exciting things like fraud, securities and arbitration, exciting for her at least. Despite the difference in how our lives have gone, we remain very close and we know everything about each other. I often see these silly posts on social media about how a true friend can disappear for years and then you can chat when they return as if it were the old days, but this is nonsense. This is why Michelle is such an amazing friend, perhaps you can measure your friends against this example.


She’s There


Michelle is one of the most empathetic, sympathetic and attentive people that I know and what makes her such a great friend is that she is always, always there for me. When I say that she is there I mean that if I need her she is just a telephone call away, a text message or even a meeting, whatever I need, she is very dependable.




Friends should add value to your life and they should also challenge you at every turn in the road. I can remember last year I was considering putting in for quite a high profile writing gig, at the very last minute I decided that I probably wasn’t good enough for it so I decided against it. After letting Michelle know about this she went crazy and told me that I was good enough and that I should set my sights high. I decided to go for the job and whilst I didn’t get it in the end, having a friend that was caring enough to push me on to achieve.


Shared Interests


I don’t believe that it is a pre-requisite that you and your friends have shared interests but there should always be one or two things that you both have in common. What I love about Michelle is that she is always calling or texting about new things that she has tried, seeking for more things that we can share together. Boding over shared interests is so vitally important for friends, it gives you both something to talk about and a reason to spend more time with each other.


The most important part of friendship is not only having a friend like Michelle who you can depend on and who will always be on your side, but ensuring that you also hold yourself to the same standard. If you are not a great friend like they are then you need to look in the mirror and seek to improve.

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