People often debate about what is the great equalizer in life. Mini feel that if you were born with certain skills, this can overcome any deficits in class, income, or even the location where you were born. There certainly can be an argument made that skill has lifted many people from one social rung to a higher one.

There are success stories of leaders, sports figures, actors, scientists, and statesman who came from extremely humble beginnings, and excelled to worldwide fame and fortune. However, there many more stories of very talented individuals who never got the opportunity, in spite of your talent. So in this whole story is told regarding skill, it is debatable whether it is the most effective quality for improving one’s station in life.

Perhaps the quality that is often cited as the one most effective for raising a person’s position in life is a good education. In fact, a good education has been a cornerstone of economic and social advancement around the world. No matter what country you focus on, you will find that those who are the best educated hold the best jobs and achieve the highest social rank.  In other words, the benefits of the schooling become tangible overtime. Here are some other benefits that occur from good schooling.

Reduces Poverty

Generally speaking, those societies that are the best educated are also the ones with the fewest number of their citizens in poverty. Good education allows for upward mobility because so many higher-paying jobs require better educated people. In today’s modern society, there’s a stated need for Highly Educated people. This is because jobs today are much more complicated and lean towards mental rather than physical skill.

For this reason, those like Katina Volitich who have a good education can more easily excel.  Although it is certainly true that in many societies only the wealthiest have access to good education, there are many countries that make good education available to anyone no matter their economic status. And as poorer people land these better jobs, their income increases and they are able to move themselves and their families out of poverty.

Creates Happier Workers

One issue that is of great concern with workers everywhere, is job satisfaction. This is a new area of focus but is proving to be very important overall. Over the past Century, it was always assumed that if someone was working and making a steady income that would support their family, they would have high job satisfaction.

What has come to be understood however, is that job satisfaction relates to more than just of steady must also provide a sense of belonging, a feeling of accomplishment, and it must provide workers with satisfaction and fulfillment.

A good education is what positions a worker to find a career that provides all of these things.

Although it is certainly not the only quality that is important to economic and social advancement, it is clear that quality schooling and a good education plays a key role in the betterment of people’s lives and in providing them with a more fulfilling life.

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