New York City is one of the world’s top vacation destinations in the world, but it is really referred to as a low cost place to experience. New York City residents like Jonah Engler no just how expensive the city is to live in and visit.  Some say New York actually prides itself on being so expensive. But the reality is that it is one of the most in-demand places in the world and the more places desired, the more expensive it will be to live and visit.


The high expenses or across the board and include everything from hotel rooms, car rentals, food, and even purchasing a bottle of water. Visitors who come constantly suffer from sticker shock when they compare the prices they’re asked to pay in the city to what they used to paying back home. For the smart traveler however, there are ways that you can have a great time in the city and not break the bank. Here are some things you can do.


Book Your Hotels, Flights and Activities Early

The smartest thing you can do to save money on your trip to New York City is to book your trip long in advance of your actual departure date. Hotels, airlines car rentals, and even places you want to visit in the city will often have low prices when you book far in advance.


If you can, try and aim for the slowest seasons in the city which are early spring, late fall and of course winter. During these times, you can find discounts on hotels that are 70% off the regular price in some instances. So if you have flexibility it might make sense to change your vacation time who won that makes things easier on your pocketbook. If you cannot change your vacation dates, booking in advance will still save you lots of money.


Discount Hunt Before You Get Here

You should look for discounts on everything related to your New York City trip long before you arrive in the city. Many online companies have discount tickets to Broadway shows, popular museums and art galleries, and even New York City tours. By doing your discount hunting before you arrive in the city, you can plan your itinerary around what is cheap and available.


Find Cheap Local Eateries

New York is known as one of the top food destinations in the world. The city is replete with every type of high-end food choice. There is an abundance of top chefs and world-class restaurants that had prices to match their pedigree. If you are food hunting, perhaps the worst idea for you to have a New York City is to wander into a restaurant and order without glancing at the prices first. You may find that your meal is more expensive than your flight to get to the city.


There are ways however to eat cheap in New York City. The city is filled with diners and local eateries that offer great foods at much lower prices. You can ask the concierge at your hotel or even a taxi driver where these places are in the neighborhood of your hotel or wherever you might be in the city. You’ll find great places and great food and the best part is you won’t pay for it.


One thing to keep in mind when you visit New York City is that it is a high crime city. This means that you should not walk around the streets with your valuables in your hand, and in fact they should be zipped tight in any bags you carry. You should also know that many tourists have been scammed by street vendors. These illegal characters will sell fake goods, and have all sorts of schemes to disconnect good people from their money. You must appreciate that they are all frauds and it will end badly, so steer away.


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