There are numerous antiaging products on the market and all of them promise to be the best of the best. One that you truly might want to consider, however, is Jeunesse’s Instantly Ageless. This has been designed to instantly, albeit temporarily, eliminate bags under the eyes, firm sagging skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and make pore size smaller.

The Theory Behind Instantly Ageless

When we laugh, frown, and smile, we start to create fine lines and wrinkles. Instantly Ageless has been designed to relax those muscles, thereby making the lines less visible and stopping new ones from forming. In a way, it is just like Botox, therefore. Instantly Ageless contains a number of key ingredients that enable it to do this. Naturally, the exact formulation is a secret, but Jeunesse has been open about which ingredients are included.

Instantly Ageless Ingredients

  1. Argireline, which is a peptide that has been scientifically proven to inhibit communication between the neurotransmitters responsible for facial muscle contractions.
  2. Sodium silicate, which is an inorganic type of salt that is found in almost all skincare products. It has been added to protect the product from corrosion and to create a better pH balance, which is also very important for the skin.
  3. Magnesium aluminum silicate, which is a natural clay mineral. This has been added to thicken the skincare product itself. The aluminum content is also a very slight neurotoxin, but added at safe levels, which further increases the effectiveness of this product. While people are often afraid of the word “neurotoxin”, they forget that Botox is precisely that.
  4. Phenoxyethanol, which is a preservative added to most skincare products and cosmetics. It is a safe preservative, unless you have known allergies.
  5. Ethylhexylglycerin, which is another natural preservative. It also deodorizes the product while conditioning the skin at the same time.
  6. Yellow 5, or CI 19140, which is a synthetic dye that has been created from the tar of coal.

Argireline, however, is the product’s main active ingredient. It has been scientifically proven to have significant antiaging benefits, relaxing the facial muscles and stopping them from creating more wrinkles. Essentially, argireline is a natural form of Botox that can be applied topically, rather than having to be injected into the muscles themselves. The added benefit is that it supports the skin cells to produce more elastin and collagen, which means that, while the product is temporary, it does have longer-lasting effects after prolonged use.

Instantly Ageless is an excellent product with scientifically proven benefits. Furthermore, some of its ingredients work in synergy with each other to make it even more effective. The only downside is that it is not a 100% natural product, which may be a problem if that is what you are looking for. However, it is incredibly effective and can be used safely by the vast majority of people. Considering the thousands of positive reviews and testimonials, Instantly Ageless really is a product worth considering.

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