Long before Facebook came onto the scene, there was another social media platform donning the internet. The aim of this platform was to reunite people from school and ultimately harness the power of the internet.

It would be fair to say that we have come on a long way from those days. Now, there are umpteen ways to arrange a school reunion, or at least find everyone involved to make it happen.

As today’s title might have already given away, one such way is via a free people search by Checkpeople. This will be the first option we explore, before we get into a few other solutions which might help you along your way.

The people search solution

As we have just noted, this is the modern way to find those old friends from school. Some people have compared this to a typical social network when reality, this isn’t the case in the slightest. Instead, people search engines will trawl years’ worth of documents, like criminal records, birth certificates and death certificates, before returning any relevant information on a person.

Of course, in relation to finding a classmate, these documents can be invaluable. After all, they reveal what area of the country a person lives in, and this can then eventually lead to you making contact with them.

Furthermore, if this happens to be for a reunion focussing on a school year from many years ago, if the worst has happened and someone has passed away this is one of the quickest ways to find out such information.

Social networks

Next on the list are social networks. If you are fairly recent out of school, there’s every chance that you have already tapped into this resource. After all, the fact that Facebook allows you to name the school you attended means that it can be easy to group everyone together who attended the same one.

As we have already alluded to, it’s not going to work on every occasion though. Particularly if you graduated decades ago, there is far less of a chance of your former classmates being on Facebook (despite what the company themselves might reveal about their usage statistics). It’s in these cases where the people search engine can work very well.

A simple Google search

This next point sounds almost too simple, but you might be surprised at just what a simple Google search can yield. Typing in a person’s name, followed by the region that you think they live in, might reveal newspaper articles or even social media profiles from other platforms. It takes seconds, so some might even consider this as the first port of call.

Offline methods

Finally, don’t discount the power of offline methods. If you are utterly serious about finding someone, this might involve visiting archive centres. An alternative might be to phone the school directly, to see if they have any forwarding information for the students in question.

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