It does not matter what political orientation you have. There is always a huge possibility that you see the political system as being inefficient and ineffective. It is hard to argue with those that say politics are bad because there are so many problems that are visible for anyone that wants to look.

Unfortunately, changing politics is not at all something that is easy to do. However, there are some things that are often agreed as being needed, even if they do not happen. Crystal Clanton walks us through some ways in which the entire political system can be improved in the following lines.

Penalizing Politicians

If a politician does not do what has to be done, there is no penalty. Because of this, many politicians simply end up following a hidden agenda instead of doing what voters want. The best interests of the voters are often not even taken into account.

It is so common to see politicians that just care about personal interests. If there would be penalties in place or if voters would actually unite in order to penalize politicians, things would be different. Our representatives would care more about what is done and would want to first take voter wishes into account.

Making Ethics Mandatory

Having an ethical code in place would completely change politics. Elected officials do not really need to live up to anything in terms of ethics. If we would be able to eliminate personal behavior and conflicts of interest, politicians would simply do a better job. Reacting after something happened does not make a person ethical. What is done right when the situation happens is what counts the most at the end of the day. Mandatory ethics could help with that.

Gerrymandering Elimination

Many politicians do all that they can in order to maintain position. Such power is really important in modern politics, even if this should not be the case. Gerrymandering is highly damaging since it deters a representative, true government. Some politicians end up remaining in control for way too long, even if this is not in the best interests of the voters.

Purer Legislation

In the past few years, we saw numerous legislative battles surrounding tax reform and health care. Unfortunately, politicians tried to gain support by adding some things that are simply not related. Politicians should be forced to vote on some specific matters, as opposed to talking about whatever they want. Responsive, appropriate legislation is still not passed.

Health Care And Pension For Legislators

Most people agree that there should be a lot more emphasis put on what is a common good as opposed to the needs of a small group of people. When legislators have the exact same concerns about specific issues, like health care and retirement, choices made are better. Legislators need to be more concerned and simply put, better. The important thing at the end of the day is to be sure that the politician drafts laws based on the interest of the people. This does not happen right now in most cases.

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