Opportunities to get behind worthwhile horse tips has become even more simple. This is primarily through the number of horse betting tips websites available online and the sheer amount of horse races you can place money on. Races are taking place throughout the day and there’s even more options due to the popularity of horse racing on a global scale, making for even more chances to place a bet on the sport.

Regardless of your favoured horse betting market, you’ll find an extensive list of the best horse tips to consider backing on the internet. Lots of these horse tipsters are knowledgeable on the sport and how to make a profit but there’s just as many who are inexperienced and unreliable in equal measure. As it matters so much to find the best available horse tips, we’ve provided our own factors for newcomers to look out for –

Conduct your own research before placing

While more reliable horse tips websites will go through extensive research before recommending any bets to their followers, it’s always best to do your own research before getting involved. One website who always do their research and push for informed horse tips is The Winners Enclosure, who have pages devoted to every type of horse bet.

Unfortunately, there are some websites who are effectively picking bets at random, which is dangerous for those who want to get behind a strong horse bet but end up backing something that has no reasoning behind it. Even if you’re only looking at the form and overall record of the horse you’re betting on, it should be enough to present whether or not the recommended bet is strong enough.

Track down the strongest bookmaker price

Before backing your bets, you need to make sure that the chosen horse tip is being placed at the best price available. Most tipsters will do this automatically but for your own piece of mind, it’s best to shop around for the biggest price on the market, as securing the strongest odds is a big priority in betting.

It’s worth doing this even if just to prevent any disappointment later on, as there’s not much worse than landing your bet successfully, only to find that you would have got a greater amount of returns through carefully taking your time and looking at other bookmaker websites first. Horse tips are easy to find and can be picked up through a lot of different means but it’s working out who is being clever with what they’re predicting that can be the difficult part.

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