Every person in this world right now has some sort of financial constraints which leads to people not often getting the things that they need or require. This is where credit lending plays its part specifically credit cards. Over the decade or so we have seen a lot of plastic money and financial lending as people now rely on money taken from banks, financial institutions, others to get their required things and then end up paying them later.

While all these things may sound a little easier, it comes up with its own ups and down. You cannot get financial lending every now and then as you have to fulfill some criteria for it and one of the most important criteria is the Credit Score or Credit Rating. Financial lenders use the FICO score in order to determine the credit risk of a party with the score being based on the information that the credit bureau keeps in its record about the party.

The credit score from https://aaacreditguide.com/fico-credit-score-range/ will help you in getting the financial assistance that you need to fulfill your financial goals. A good credit score makes it easier for the financial lender to lend money due to the impressive credit history. Similarly a poor credit score will make it difficult for the financial lender to lend money as the credit history in the past has not been meeting the standards set. We will now take you through some of the ranges of FICO Credit score that range from 300 – 850.

780 – 850: Excellent Credit Score

This is the top of the line credit score range in which you will get all your credit card and loan approvals without any issue. A high credit rating score like this not only helps you in getting financial assistance but also you can get the financial help at reduced rates as compared to others.

720 – 779: Very Good Credit Score

This Credit Score is also considered almost equivalent to the above discussed credit score as it can easily get you the financial help at discounted rates. Some of the financial lenders often consider 720 as the cut off point for giving discounted rates.

680 – 719: Good Credit Score

A credit score that ranges in between this is considered to be a good score where you don’t have a lot of negative responses in your credit history but there is room for improvement so that you can make it to the better categories. Most people fall in this category only.

620 – 679: Average Credit Score

Falling in this category can get you the financial assistance but the rates will be very high for it as there is high risk for lenders in it.

580 – 629: Poor Credit Score

This score will make it extremely difficult to get financial help from anyone. And even if the assistance is provided then the rates will be sky high.

300 – 579: Bad Credit Score

You won’t be getting any credit if you fall in this category but the positive point is that there is room for lot of improvement if you fall in this category. So go for it.

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