SEO – search engine optimization – is a science, and one that is developing rapidly. Yet, despite thousands of experts, it continues to be unpredictable, mainly because it is evolving so quickly. This makes it difficult to develop a proper SEO strategy that will definitely work for you. Unfortunately, however, you have to have a strategy in place. So what are some of the key things you should add to your strategy?

The Dynamic SEO Strategies for 2017

2017 will most likely lead to a number of key changes in SEO, and it is important that you are aware of them now, so that you can make appropriate changes to your existing strategy. Those are:

  1. That mobile optimization will continue to be hugely important. In fact, it is now said that 50% prefer browsing using their mobile than using their computers. Hence, in November 2016, Google launched the Mobile-first index. This means that, now, mobile website versions are the most important ones. This was a change, but one that demonstrates that people now focus on users rather than on anything else. Structured Data is also very important, this is something Google simply likes to see, and we all have to do what Google tells us to. WordPress mobile optimizer is one of the best ways to achieve mobile optimization, because it does everything automatically for you.
  2. That Google featured snippets will become increasingly important, despite the fact that they have mystified so many people. Featured Snippets are shown before any organic results. They are best compared with the #0 ranking position, in other words. Furthermore, your organic results will now be below “people also ask”, which means it is even less visible. Featured Snippets also ensures that you essentially have two listings for a single page, which can only be beneficial.

The Google Featured Snippet Algorithm

Google loves algorithms and they have created one for featured snippets as well. What they use is “right format”, which means that they have a number of specifications on what Featured Snippets can be. Specifically, those are:

  1. Ordered or unordered lists.
  2. Text
  3. Charts
  4. Images
  5. Knowledge graphs
  6. Tables

Any website is able to get Featured Snippets, which is a really cool development. You just have to figure out how to meet the specific elements of their algorithm, in other words. Snippets are fickle, however, appearing and disappearing within less than an hour. Plus, you have to be a little bit careful with snippets because, if they instantly tell your reader all they need to know, they will have no need to still click on your link and travel to your website.

Google has always been a little bit of an enigma, and many believe they take great pleasure in seeing SEO experts figure out how to stay abreast of their latest developments. Clearly, 2017 will be no different and once again highlights why it is so important for small businesses in particular to work together with professional agencies.

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