At this stage most of us already know what we are going to do for Christmas but not too many of us have plans in place yet for New Year’s Eve, myself included. I was chatting to a good friend last week with whom I have spent the last 2 New Year’s Eve. Dayanna Volitich has taken the surprising decision of not in fact going out this NYE, preferring instead to stay in and go to bed early. I thought that she may have lost her mind when she first told me but when you actually think about it, she does make a compelling case, let’s take a look.

It Sucks

If we are being honest with ourselves, it is fair to say that New Year’s sucks, you can very rarely find plans that are very good, going out doesn’t work and events are generally pretty lame. Going out is certainly not an option as it is simply too busy and too full of queues. In terms of hitting a house party this can also be wrought with danger as everyone has a different idea of what a great NYE party should be. Finally the thought of a pre-planned event sounds boring and usually is, staying in just got a bit better.

No Hangover

Imagine waking up early on the first of January, feeling fresh and ready to attack the new year right from the get-go. This of course does sound much more exciting than the thought of having to wake up feeling worse for wear, when you think about it, this really isn’t the best way to start the new year at all. I like the plan here of waking up early and really going after the new year that is upon us.


New Year’s is usually very expensive and much of that comes from transport costs, the night when taxi drivers essentially make their annual salary in a night. Beyond this you could be looking at costs for access to street parties, overpriced drinks and potentially the cost of access to a particular event. Not going out on NYE has many benefits indeed and one of them must be the amount of money that you will be able to save if you instead decide to stay indoors and have an early night.


Staying in on NYE does not necessarily mean that you have to stay in alone and you can certainly invite some friends over who have also decided to shun the big parties. A bottle of wine between friends with some good conversation and some great music seems like a wonderful way to pass your NYE, and it certainly sounds a lot more attractive than heading out with the crowds, waiting for 40 minutes just to get yourself a drink.


So where will you be spending this NYE?

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