Danny Boice is a private investigator with a wealth of experience and a speciosity in surveillance and in obtaining information that others cannot. Alongside his partner Jennifer Mellon, Danny Boice operates as a private investigator for the wonderful company Trustify. This is a company which seeks to find the very best private investigators for its clients and it is an affordable and highly efficient service which is why experts like Danny Boice and Jennifer Mellon work under their umbrella. Doing a brief chat which I had with Danny he told me a little more about the types of jobs that a private investigator can expect to find in their careers and also about what they can and cannot do.


Can They Break The Law?


A private investigator is no different to the rest of us and they most certainly are not above the law, in fact they must work harder at staying within the rules of the law than the rest of us. There are some tasks and responsibilities that a private investigator will carry out that may seem suspicious to the untrained eye, but they are always operating inside the law and they know it far better than the average Joe public.


Can They Follow People?


A large part of a private investigators job often involves following people and surveillance jobs are usually about fidelity issues. Many people hire a private investigator if they believe that their partner or spouse is cheating on them. This usually happens ahead of a marriage, when one party wants to know whether or not they are going to be making a mistake. It is important to remember here that surveillance is perfectly legal.


Can They Track Using GPS?


There are certain circumstance whereby a PI is allowed to use GPS to track someone as long as permission is granted by the person who owns the GPS device. For example let’s say that a man suspects his wife of cheating and hires a private investigator to find out more, if he is the title on the car that his wife is deriving then he can authorize the private investigator to track the GPS on the vehicle.


Can Private Investigators Hack Phones?


Absolutely not, private investigators on the television may be shown to perform duties such as this but in the real world a private investigator would not be able to hack anything at all, unless they wished to end up in a cell of course.


Can They Obtain Bank Records?


A private investigator usually has a great database of records which they will use to obtain huge amounts of data about someone but when it comes to bank records, these are protected. A PI cannot obtain statements, balances or account details. The only exception to this rule would be if a private investigator is working directly with an attorney, in which case there are ways and means of getting such documents.

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