According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the most common job for females in the US is in retail. This is true in the Bonworth Henderson NC Outlet Store whose workforce is predominantly female as was the desire of COO Gurumoorthy Gurusankar. With their slogan of BeBonworthBeautiful they want to empower their female staff with the knowledge and skills to make their female customers feel special. They want to create a positive female army, create loyal female family customers who will head to Bonworth not only for the great prices, fabulous sales and promotional events but because they know they will get the personal, understanding feminine touch. This is what helps Bonworth North Carolina achieve their fantastic reviews and ratings of five stars. Bonworth has great morals, ethics and prices.


Women in retail accounts for more than 25% of their total employment Employing well over four million people and almost 3.5% of the total workforce of America.  Bonworth was started by a woman in 1966 in Hendersonville North Carolina, her name was Loren Wells and she continued to grow and expand her business right through the 1980’s. Right from the beginning it was created to be a Mother Daughter store and is now renowned as the favorite Mother Daughter Store in the area and is also considered one of the best outlet stores in the nation.


Cashiers form a large part of this statistic and their jobs involve monitoring cash drawers, taking payments, working the computerised registers. These jobs can be in supermarkets, gas stations, theme parks or retail establishments such as Bonworth’s outlet store. The customer service skills of these employees are expected to be high rate, this is especially true of Bonworth where the COO Gurumoorthy Gurusankar wanted to make the customer experience for women very pleasant. She wanted them to think they were so kind, friendly and helpful in that store and  want to go back there. The great deals, promotions and five-star reviews and ratings will also help retain their customer base.


As a female in a female industry don’t forget that your job doesn’t have to end where it began. If you keep learning and delivering the best possible customer service, then you will be noticed by your managers. There will always be room for promotion and promoting from inside your store, where you know the staff and what they can deliver is always a sensible business move. The staff know your products and your work ethics and are familiar with your branding and brand. Bonworth started out as one store bur, soon had 65 stores with a presence in 28 states  and by 2007 has 290 stores all over the US. When business has a firm ethos of good ethics, brand s and prices it will grow and the brand will take root.


So, whenever you are shopping for an event, or just want to have a little look round or day out with your Mom then pop along to Bonworth in Henderson North Carolina, you are bound to find some great products with change to spare.





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