Virginia has always been looked at as a job capital in the USA, and in recent years many have even picked up and moved to this beautiful state for a little piece of the market.


So whether you’re interested in tech jobs or becoming a government employee: these are the top cities to move to: and why moving for work could be the right call for you.

Why Move for Work?

If you’ve never moved before, moving for work can seem like a terrifying prospect. Of course, you want to get the most out of a career, but you don’t want to worry about moving to an area where work is the only thing waiting for you.


Luckily, moving for work doesn’t mean that you only have work to look forward to! From the gorgeous scenery that’s ribboned throughout the state to some of the nicest people you’ll meet in the country living here: moving to Virginia doesn’t just have to be a business call. This could be the chance to start a whole new life.


If you’re used to small-town living, and you’re worried about moving into anything bigger than that: Culpeper could be the move for you. As the county’s seat by the same name, Culpeper has less than 20,000 people living here: and a thriving job market.


You can do anything here, from working in the endless cute shops to working in the thriving agricultural market of the area, you’ll never run out of job opportunities. This is one of the least expensive places to live in Virginia and could be the right call for you!


Arlington needs no introduction! This amazing city is just outside of the capital of the USA and is home to one of the best job markets in the USA. With a national average unemployment rate above 4%, Arlington is low at just 3% and offers tons of services for anyone who needs help when they arrive.


Although Arlington real estate is expensive here, the average pay here is higher than the national average, which means you’re likely to score a well-paying job soon after arrival. As a result, this is one of the best places in the country to move if you want a fresh start for a job, and shouldn’t be looked over!


Winchester is a smaller city in Shenandoah Valley. This has gone through many changes in its life but focuses a lot on history, education, and agricultural works. The population sits just under 30,000, and the job market is open to anyone looking for a job where they’ll be able to grow instead of staying stagnant.


Next to a college city, this area sees many younger people come through, encouraging it to last more updated than the average small town. This is an amazing place to move!

There’s Endless Opportunity in Virginia

Virginia has endless opportunities, and every city has its own different flavor of it. From the cozy job market in Culpeper to the beautiful scenery throughout the state, don’t be afraid to move for work!

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