Whether your business runs with 10 or 10,000 employees, investing in an outplacement service is always a smart idea. As an employer, you are sometimes faced with the extremely difficult task of firing your loyal team members. It’s not something that you ever want to do, but when times are tough it is sometimes your only option.

You can help to alleviate the firing process by hiring an outplacement firm that helps to prepare your employees for the job search. It is your duty as an employer to not leave your employees high and dry, and you can fulfill this duty with outplacement.

But not all outplacement agencies offer the same services, and they are definitely not all created equal. When searching for outplacement services, look for these 4 things that are offered by the top outplacement firms in 2019.

Career Counseling

When someone is laid off after years in the same position, it can bring certain things to light. Maybe you start wondering if you want to pursue a similar position, or you’re not even sure if you want to follow the same career path.

The best outplacement services will offer career counseling and advising. All of your employees can learn something new from career counseling, and might even decide on an entirely different set of career goals. Counseling and advising sessions can also help to determine what careers your most suited for.

Resume and Cover Letter Building

Updating your resume is something that should be done several times a year…but not many people actually do this. Maybe you don’t even know where your old resume is and you’re forced to start from scratch. No matter how qualified of skilled you might be, writing a resume can be challenging work.

The representatives provided by the top outplacement agencies are experts in resume writing and know how to make yours stand out. Writing a killer resume isn’t how it used to be; let the experts of outplacement help you out. They can also provide you with an amazing cover letter template for applying to new jobs.

Job Search Coaching

There are tons of job search platforms available in 2019, including Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, and Glassdoor. You might think that using these job search sites would make hunting for a job much easier, but sometimes it is just the opposite.

Shuffling through the thousands of job postings uploaded to these sites can quickly become frustrating. What is even more frustrating is when you start applying, all to no avail. Outplacement services can give you tips and insider tricks on how to effectively utilize these sites.

Interview Training

Interviewing might be your downfall when hunting for a new job. The overwhelming stress of trying to make a good first impression can make any interview seem like the most daunting experience. If you worked in your previous position for years and years, chances are you haven’t had to interview for anything in awhile.

The knowledgeable team members at outplacement firms can help you prepare for any interview. They’ll ensure that you dress appropriately, know how to answer the potential interview questions, and show up with a flawless resume.







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