You might look at your small business as a local company that is supplying goods and services to your town or city. This might be perfectly fine for you, too. Some people like to be a big fish in a small pond and there is nothing wrong with that. But if you had the chance to take your business to a much grander scale, wouldn’t you want to do it? Listed below are three simple ways to take your small business and prepare it to be a much larger and more profitable one.


Make Your Presence Known on Social Media

Social media is free advertising. All you need to do is to create a profile on each social media site for your business and start making friends. After a while, this will bring more customers to your business if you do it the correct way. Present your company as professionals and people will eventually respond to it and give you a try.


One popular posting could be shared to thousands, if not millions, of people in just a few hours. There are lots of things that go viral on social media, so don’t believe that that one of your postings can’t drum up business. Updating your social media every day may take you about a half an hour or so if you have a presence on a couple of sites. This is a small amount of time when you consider it can bring in more customers with real money.


Going Global

By creating a social media presence and having a good website you are making it possible for your business to go global. You may soon have customers from all over the world. But this will bring on a couple of small problems as well. Do you know all the different languages all of these regions speak? Probably not. Translation services may be something you want to invest in. Simply call on French translation services when needed and you can open your business to all parts of Canada, France, and other French-speaking places.


Automated Emailing

Automation is taking over the business world. Companies are automatically storing whatever services and products you get from them into their databases. Then they recommend other things that you may want through automated emails once every couple of weeks or so. Your business can do the same thing by investing in the right software.

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