If you like spam, it is better to be of the food variety that comes in a can.

For millions of Americans, spam is better known as a nuisance. Yes, spam one has in mail, their email, over the phone etc. If you deal with a lot of spam, you know all too well what a pain it can be.

With that in mind, are you doing anything to combat the amount of spam you receive on a regular basis.

While some individuals try and ignore it, others take action.

From contacting companies to using social media to even bad-mouth some, fight back.

So, are you ready to do whatever necessary to lessen the spam load you receive on a regular basis?

Your Actions Impact Spam Flow

Though you may not think so, your actions do impact the amount of “junk” letters, emails, and of course calls.

That said here are three tips to lessening the load:

  1. Giving out personal information

One of the worst acts you can do is always giving out personal information.

Such examples are signing up to win something or filling out a credit card application to get a free gift. Once a company has that info, expect more times than not they will call and email you with offer after offer.

Another example is if you buy tickets online for a sporting event. Even if you plan to go to one event, the team’s ticket sales department will contact you on buying season tickets. Over time, those efforts get tiring for the consumer.

The main goal is to be cognizant of when and where you give such personal info out.

By limiting such actions, you’re less likely to get inundated with offers.

  1. Being direct

In some instances, you may not know who is calling your home or cell phone because they do not leave a message.

For those cases, that is where conducting a reverse phone number search can prove ideal.

By tracking the incoming number, you can more times than not discover who the owner of that number is. If you want them to stop calling you, then dial that number and leave a message.

For those times when you feel as if an employee is not listening to your wishes, ask to speak with a supervisor. Tell them in no uncertain terms that you want the calls to come to an end.

  1. Watching out for scams

Last, were you in a staged vehicle accident? If the answer is yes, you know how both frightening and upsetting such an event is.

With that in mind, you’re the victim of a clear-cut scam.

That other driver intended to hit your vehicle, looking to place the blame on you. In some cases, a hit-and-run accident is as upsetting and can cause a myriad of injuries.

If you were a target in such roadway scams, did you go with investigating someone’s license plate? In the event you did go online to do so, there’s a good chance you discovered who that vehicle belonged to.

Whenever in such a bind, do your best to get as much information about the scammer or scammers as you can. The only way to put them out of business is by holding their feet to the flame.

In doing your best to do away with spam letters, calls and even scams that cause harm you; do you have the right strategy?

Make sure you take the initiative to stop spam and scams in their tracks.


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